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Nominated for Best Actress at the Open Gate Film Festival - The Grilled Cheese Party

Wow - I'm thrilled to have been nominated for Best Actress at the Open Gate Film Festival in it's inaugural year! My role as Liz Sandoval in GCP was a joy to perform and really close to my heart - a politically savvy lady with a tough exterior, and a commitment to do the right thing, which is always tough in the world of politics. I just received the script for Episode 2 ..the story continues.

Here I am with my director and writer, Larry Natalia. He played Senator Thatcher in the film, and introducing our littlest actor, Reagan Crichlow, a little gem. She played Bethany Gray. I can see her doing big things in her future! Below that photo is myself and my daughter Alexa Pacheco, my own little ( grown-up) gem.

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