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Shot a WINTER heating commercial outdoors on the HOTTEST day of the year!

Literally shot a heating commerical on the hottest day of the year in Kittery, Maine. Such a lovely town! We were outside for portions of the shoot, in winter coats and scarves - as the temps rose to 94 on the Maine Coast, with the "feels like" temps at 102. Luckily, our DP, Erik Huemiller and crew from the Rumbletree Agency, had our backs - using ice packs and cold blowers, ice water to keep us cool. I got to meet the Myer twins, Autumn and Emmett - and their Mom, Lindsey, and Dean DeLuca, my film husband - It was fun! They were sweet and so cool on set (no pun intended) and very professional. Luckily I was on my way to Old Orchard Beach afterwards with the family, so I jumped in the water and caught waves for the day. Man, did it feel good!


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