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"Swallowed" opens on Valentine's Day - by Director Carter Smith - starring Jena Malone

Here's my turn as a not-so-trusting Border Patrol Lady:

This was a fun role shot in the rurals of Maine on Cape Elizabeth. Carter Smith's LGBTQ story about two best friends that encounter a nightmare of drugs, bugs and horrific intimacy. I shot my scene with Cooper Koch, an up and comer in Hollywood. The film lives in the world of "Bugcrush", Carter's Sundance winning short. Carter Smith is also the director of "Jaime Marks is Dead" (another Sundance winner) and Amblin' Entertainment's "The Ruins". Carter also directed the episode of "Midnight Kiss" for Into the Dark on Hulu. He is a fashion and celebrity photographer too - check out his Instagram - @carterbedloesmith

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