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SWALLOWED premiered at the OVERLOOK Film Festival, alongside Ethan Hawke's "The Black Phone"

In honor of LGBTQ Pride Month - SWALLOWED, starring Jena Malone, Cooper Koch, Mark Patton, Jose Colon and myself - in a small role as a Border Patrol agent, premiered at the the Overlook FIlm Festival. The film was directed by CARTER SMITH, a 2 time Sundance alum, and director of Amblin Entertainment's The Ruins and hulu's Into the Dark episode, Midnight Kiss. It was shot in rural Maine, and has some interesting body horror elements - and high tension. It lives in the universe of Bugcrush, Smith's short which also dealt with the the same body horror. Two best friends who might be together for their very last night - and the drugs, bugs and special effects that populate their journey. The film is being shopped out by ICM Partners and can next be seen at the Fantasia International Film Festival in July.

Here is my audition tape above - for "SWALLOWED". Had alot of fun with this one. Thank you to Dirigo Talent, and my agent there, Christine Marshall. My husband played one of the boys in the car that I'm talking with - and he was a good reader :)I added a little rap music to it, just for fun.

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